The Pearl of Borneo

Labuan is a federal territory made up of the main island, Labuan Island, and six other small islands off the coast of Sabah. Its name comes from the Malay word, 'labuhan' which means harbour. Formerly a part of the Brunei Sultanate, it was ceded to the British Crown in 1846, before joining Malaysia in 1963.

Today, Labuan is known as a flourishing financial centre and tax-free tourist destination. Its economy is driven primarily by its oil and gas resources, as well as its international investment and banking services. The latter has attracted thousands of companies to Labuan over the years, plus dozens of leading banks.

Living in Labuan

Can't miss in Labuan

Small island charm

Get out of the city centre and enjoy the serenity of island life free from the excesses of commercialisation. Friendly, helpful locals are also never far off.

The great outdoors

Step outdoors and soak up the sun on one of Labuan's pristine beaches. There's also wreck diving, island hopping, kayaking, and deep sea fishing to look forward to.