Mother of Cities

Asunción is the capital city of Paraguay and one of the oldest settlements in South America. In the past, colonial expeditions departed from Asunción to establish other important cities, leading to its nickname as the ‘Mother of Cities'.

As the country's cultural heartbeat and economic centre, Asunción is undergoing an impressive economic boom that's resulting in widespread development across the city. Today, you'll find charming colonial buildings intermingling with modern office buildings, bustling shopping malls, and trendy eateries.

Living in Asunción

Can't miss in Asunción

Friendly locals

Feel right at home with the extremely warm and friendly locals who always receive new faces with open arms.

Affordable cost of living

Paraguay's cost of living is among the lowest in South America and allows you to enjoy a high quality of life.

Natural wonders

Experience the great outdoors like never before with incredible lakes, waterfalls, mountains, caverns, and more.

Fascinating culture

Paraguay's unique cultural melange is a direct result of the intermarriage between Spanish settlers and the native Guaranís.